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StockMine helps find opportunities in every market condition

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Built for

Swing traders

Momentum investors

StockMine helps simplify the stock selection process

What stocks to Buy

StockMine's proprietary algo helps filter the strongest stocks for multi-day swing trades.

When to buy

Track your favorite stocks in watchlists and set price alerts.

When to exit

Every stock rating comes with a stop loss recommendation.

How it works

You decide which type of
stocks you would like to scan

  • Pre-configured filters
  • Custom filters
  • Fundamentals
  • Earnings Surprises

StockMine algo assembles a list of
stocks with a proprietary Rating for each

  • Compare stocks
  • Research Fundamentals
  • Review historical ratings
  • Create watchlists
  • Alerts

Risk Management
StockMine alerts you to exit

  • Allow Runners
  • Keep note of Stop Loss

Our Values

Minimalist approach

Use the right mix of essential Fundamental data and price action


Focus is on making money and not to spend time developing too many custom scans

Personal endeavor

We will keep enhancing the product in the quest to making you a better trader

Start 15 Day Trial for $1

Why you will like StockMine

A creative and result-oriented stock research process

Without StockMine With StockMine
Confused on how to begin the stock research process A Top Down approach to find the strongest sectors and industries
Check multiple sources to analyze stocks All-in-One platform with the price and fundamental data to analyze stocks
Cluttered charts with too many technical indicators A multi-timeframe price action algo that uses no technical indicators
No consistent process to analyze stocks A minimalist approach to study all data points and avoid "Analysis Paralysis"
No clear exit signals Every stock rating comes with a clear stop loss recommendation
Relying on stock picking signal providers Building the skillset to become an independent trader

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